About Sensodyne

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Discover how our new toothpaste for
sensitive teeth
& gum problems works


"I often see sensitivity patients with gum problems they may not be aware of. And that concerns me... They need to address both symptoms"

(Hiten Pankania. Dentist)



Hear what Dentist say

If you have sensitive teeth and gum problems, don't ignore these symptoms, the first person you should speak to is your dentist. Experts recommend that both these symptoms need specialist attention. Sensodyne is the no.1 Dentist recommend brand for sensitive teeth. Find out why dentists recommend Sensodyne.


Tips to help manage sensitive teeth & gum problems


Want to find out more about the sings and causes of sensitivity & gum problems?

If you experience a short sharp sensation when you eat or drink something cold or hot and you notice gum problems when brushing, you're not alone. Over half of people with sensitive teeth also report sings of gum problems. Find out more about what is causing these two symptoms and why you should take action.




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